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A Nightmare's Escape

As I lay there, asleep in my lovely, warm bed,

Madness was rising up in my head;

A dragon appeared out from the smoke,

And by his angry snarls, I knew this was no joke.


He had emerald-green scales and teeth like knives,

And you could tell by the blood on them, he had taken many lives.

He gave me a look, an evil stare,

I gulped with fear and trembled with scare.


He opened his mouth, eyes fixed on me,

I knew it would be the end with blood and gory;

As the dragon breathed out a great gust of fire,

A unicorn came to my desire.


It stabbed its horn into the beast's jaw

And it stumbled back and fell to the floor.

As it collapsed, I heard the thud of his head

And now I knew, the dragon was dead.


As the unicorn helped me from my petrified cries,

He let me fly on his back until the sun shall rise.

by Edward Farthing (11)
Burnham-On-Crouch Primary School - Essex

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.