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The Haunted House

The creak of the floorboards,

The squeak of the stair,

As you go up and down,

You hear the clunk of the chair.


The spike of the nails,

The spooky tails of the rats,

The hardness of the carpet,

The creepy wings of the bats.


The glimpse of an eerie ghost,

The flicker of a candle

About to go out

The squeaking of a door handle.


The dip of the bed,

As I gently lay my head,

The coolness of the air

Even though there is nobody there.

The scream from a deafening ear

This area seems out of bounds

Then I wake up,

But it is all safe and sound!

by Pippa Cudmore (10)
Gotherington Primary School - Gloucestershire

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.