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Swept Away In A Dream!

All I can see is black,

Jet black and it's surrounding me

Like a canopy shielding me from the rain.

The stars scintillated

And the moon smiled at me

As it only has a sliver of it showing.


As I stand there

I hear the boisterous wind

As it slams against my numbed face,

But a part of me feels like it's sighting danger.


The tempestuous wind seized my attention,

Was it the sea colliding into the rocks?
Or a steam train that's juddering along its train track?


But no, it wasn't a train or the sea

It was a monumental whirlwind hastening towards me.

Before I knew it,

I was being tossed and twirled around

Like a ball in a netball tournament.


Suddenly, I felt that the whirlwind

Was encasing me,

But then I realised it was only my warm duvet

Hugging me tight, in my restful bed.

by Megan Rose Tomlinson (10)
Western Primary School - North Yorkshire

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.