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Dream Dance!

I get comfy under the cover,

And turn to my side,

I rest my head on my pillow

Ready for my next ride.


I shut my eyes tight,

And in my dream I found,

I'm on a stage

Spinning round and round.


Everyone was cheering,

Screaming as loud as can be,

I just keep on dancing,

As I hear them shouting for me.


A smile spreads across my face,

As I do my special trick,

The audience are staring in awe,

Then I do an extremely high kick.


I pranced across the floor,

Dancing to the beat,

With not a care in the world,

I was controlled by my feet.


I struck a fierce pose,

As the music came to a pause,

I got a standing ovation,

Along with a loud applause.


I gave my fans autographs,

They were happy as can be,

I loved being famous,

It surely isn't me,


I heard them shouting,

Chanting more and more

Then I realised it was my mum,

Standing outside of my door,


I was really quite disappointed

Then I turned on my light

I was excited,

For what would come tonight.

by Evie Blackburn (10)
Bedford Hall Methodist Primary School - Lancashire

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.