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Once Upon A Fantasy

Once upon a fantasy

A place far, far away

Where the cities are made of precious stones

And the lion and the lamb play.

But that was the nice, old cities

Before they were under attack

And after all the damage has been done

The mayor knew he could not go back.

He sold all the cities

To a power-thirsty man named Caesar

He already owned the whole Himalayas and the Pyramids of Giza

But along came a girl with gold hair

And eyes shiny green,

A dress with sapphire sprinkles

and a face that looks keen.

You may think she's a normal girl

But I know you are wrong


This girl did a heroic thing

To find out you must read on.

Her name is Emma Towens

She is kind and sweet

With a bow in her hair

It is red and neat.


When you first meet her

She is full of wonder

She nurtures you

She cares for you

She tames lightning and thunder

She skips through the town expecting more

She did get there

But you wouldn't believe what she saw

A vast wasteland

with no flowers or green

The most horrendous thing she had ever seen.

She knocked on the door

Of a lady called Sue

She asked if she could stay

But the house was a zoo.

There were gorillas, crocs,

Fish that looked like rocks.

She dodged the monkeys,

She jumped over the snakes.

This is a madhouse, she thought

Then she tripped over a cake.

'Careful,' Sue said with a grin,

'Oh my! What a mess you're in.'

Emma was covered in gunk

And her hair was tangled.

'Nothing a good wash can't handle.


After that she had a nap

In a pink dressing gown.

The animals and Sue were sleeping,

She didn't hear a sound until

Bang! Crash!

She woke up startled and scared,

'No it's OK,' Sue said, 'it's roll call!' Sue said

Emma got out of bed and brushed her teeth

put on her slippers and made her hair neat

'Who's that?'

'Mr Caesar,' Sue replied.

I want to put an end to this, she thought.

At the strike of midnight she crept

To the deepest, darkest depths.

She dodged the guards

And there he was, sleeping.

She got her sword out,

Did she have the strength?

She took a deep breath

And he was gone.

As soon as it happened

A bright light shone,

A golden glisten,

A magical light.

Some might even faint at the sight

Two golden horses appeared

from the sky.

Emma had to say goodbye.

Once upon a fantasy, this story's not old

But it's a secret Emma has never told until now.

by Nobi Okechukwu (10)
St Anthony's Catholic Primary School - West Yorkshire

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.