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Mischief In Sweetland

Glitter, sparkles and sweets galore,

Here I stand in Sweetland once more.

With unicorns, toadstools and fairies of all kind,

In this land there's plenty of magic to find.


As I flutter around this wondrous land,

'Oh, look over there, it's a fairy band,'

Dancing about with their candy cane wands,

Even the unicorns join in with the songs.


'Could my eyes be playing nasty tricks,

Or is that mischievous elf munching bricks?'

His mouth all a-dribble and shortbread everywhere,

'Who's responsible? This is terribly unfair!'


'Please, Mr Unicorn, bring your magic quick,

For these crafty elves are gobbling a brick.'

With a crash and a bang and a whizz, pop, whee,

All of the elves flew fast into a tree.

Thanks to friendship, teamwork and sparkle dust,

All was restored with a new-found trust.

It's true to say, this magical place

Is definitely the best in our case.

by Nnenna Achara (10)
Ysgol Ifor Bach - Wales

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.