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The Very Berry Dream

I had a dream late last night,

I must admit it gave me a fright,

It wasn't about monsters or things that are scary,

It was about the baker Mary Berry,

I could see she was baking a very large bun.

I wanted to join in, it looked like lots of fun,

But when I went over to look at the cake,

I could see in the bowl there was a snake!

Mary mixed away and didn't think it was funny,

She said to me, 'Doesn't this look yummy?'

Just as she asked me to have a taste,

I ran away quickly without haste,

I woke up suddenly, glad to be awake,

There's one more thing, for sure I'll never ever bake!

by CailĂ­n Brigid Traynor (11)
St Brigid's Primary School - Northern Ireland

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

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