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Snow White And The Seven Evil Dwarves

I run through the woods feeling scared stiff,

A woodcutter after me with dogs who had a whiff.

Then I saw a cottage; what could it be?

Maybe someone else's home was on the flee.

Then I went inside, where there were several plates

I gobbled up the food followed by the grapes,

Then through the door came tiny men,

Some of which looked younger than ten.

They said, 'Oh look here's our little maid -

But you know, you won't actually get paid?

In return we will give you a home,

With a beautiful roof-like dome.'

I loved these dwarves, they were a jolly lot,

But then came my stepmother with an evil plot.

When I was in my room, totally unaware,

She crept up the path with a sinister glare,

However the dwarves were very naive

and opened the door to the queen who was now relieved.

She plucked an apple from her basket

And asked, 'Do you want one before I sell the rest to the market?'

The gullible dwarves said, 'Of course,

We'll give a quarter to our horse.'

Once they swallowed down the apple,

They began to randomly prance and prattle.

I flounced down the stairs in a good mood,

The dwarves turned to me and were awfully rude.

They decided to chase me, I ran like the wind,

They chased me so angrily, like they wanted me skinned.

I ran through the woods feeling scared stiff

A gang of dwarves after me who had my whiff.

But then I woke up all sweaty and hot,

My beautiful hair in a messy knot.

My blood-red lips were chapped and dry,

Hopeless and tired, I let out a sigh.

Then my mum shouted, 'Jess you're late!

Breakfast is waiting for you on a plate.'

I racked my brain with all my might,

Who was I? Jess, or Snow White?

by Sanika Kiritharan (10)
Featherstone Primary School - Middlesex

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.