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The Clown

I'm walking through the woods, it's pitch-black,

My mind filled with doubts.

Should I turn back?

Above me, towering trees,

Below me, crunching leaves.


I hear and see something lingering in the shadows

I know I'm not alone,

Looking left and right, all around,

I realise what's behind me,

A menacing clown!


Breathed a sigh of relief, cried tears of joy

That eerie clown is gone!

But what just grabbed me?

Suddenly I wake up,

Seeing I'm safe at home in bed!

It wasn't real!

But if it was all a dream,

Whose shadow is that right there?

by Leticia Dos Santos (11)
Hurst Park Primary School - Surrey

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.