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Miss Unicorn

Asleep in bed, late at night

I'm woken by a shining light

A quick glance out, what can it be?

A unicorn staring back at me.


Dash downstairs, run outside

'I've come to take you for a ride.'

She says her name is Candyfloss.

'You must come or you'll be cross!'


We are going to a fairytale

To find the long-lost nightingale

Her song has gone from Fairyland Park

All is gloom, all is dark.


The clowns have hidden her away

It's up to us to save the day

We help the fairies in their search

To put the bird back on her perch.

Nightingale found, frozen with fright

But we return her to the night

Her song again fills the air

Fairies happy, clowns despair.


'Candyfloss, things aren't what they seem.'

For I wake up, it's all a dream.

by Milla Johnson-Evans (7)
Capenhurst CE Primary School - Cheshire

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.