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Was It Real?

I woke up (or did I?)

In a future world of robots.

I must have been transported

Through a portal made of blurred dots!


I looked around me, filled with fear,

I couldn't believe my eyes!

Up above, what made me jump?

Flying cars zoomed through the skies!


And when I looked closer still,

What fully filled me with dread

In the windows of each metal beast

Was what looked like a robot head!


In front were glass skyscrapers,

Linked by transparent tubes.

They towered up to the highest level,

Filled with robotic cubes.


I scarpered fast from the hill

That I had stood upon.

I was searching for that portal but

I found that it was gone!


I was tired and I wanted a bed,

I looked around aghast.

And then I found some nice soft soil

And fell asleep real fast.


I woke up with a dreadful start,

I was in my bed!

Had the portal put me back there...

Or was it all a dream instead?

by Louie Sach (8)
Little Thurrock Primary School - Essex

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.