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Over The Top

When the whistle is heard,

They are commanded to charge,

They know these could be their final hours

So the breaths they take are steady and large.


Though it would destroy a weaker man

To see a person die this way,

They are used to this dreadful sight,

It does not affect them like it would have before,

So on they run to fight.


What was their last thought as they lay in the chaos, dying?

Did they think of their families, young and crying

What was the last emotion that shone in their eyes?

Was it pain or was it pride?

I hope they didn't suffer,

And in a way, they welcomed death,

I hope they knew they would be remembered a hundred years on

As they drew their final breath.

by Ciara Lee (10)
The Mill Primary School - Sussex

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.