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Evelyn's Jungle Story

... a jungle. But when they went through the door they saw some vines. 'This is fun!' said Emma. When they let go they fell on a tree branch and then they fell on the floor.

What was that they saw? 'Run, it's a snake!'

'S-s-s-slow down, jus-s-st s-s-stop, s-s-s-sit down s-s-s-so we can play,' said the snake. But the snake actually wanted to gobble them up. Oh no!

They started to run away and while they were running they saw an animal that took them safely on their back. She had a name, her name was Amy because she was a girl and she was a lion.

Emma and Ben were friends with Amy. They saw her on the run. Amy took Emma and Ben safely home on her back. It took Amy so long to try and find the magic door.

'This is taking so long,' said Ben.

'Yes it is, I know it is,' Emma replied.

Come on,' said Emma and Ben together. 'Go faster Amy,' they said again together.

'OK,' said Amy.

Finally Amy found the magic door. 'Thank you Amy,' Emma and Ben said to Amy before they entered the magic door. They opened the door.

'Look, what's that?' They saw the vines again and they started swinging again and they lived happily ever after.

by Evelyn Moxham (6)
Heamoor Community Primary School - Cornwall

Competition - My First Story 2017

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