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Lyla's Jungle Story

...a jungle. At first it was a bit weird being in a jungle without Mum and Dad but they had great fun. Firstly, they swung on vines like they were monkeys. Secondly, they wanted to find an adventure.

Soon they found a massive snake that was pretending to be upset. Believe it or not, Ben and Emma fell for it. The snake said, 'Oh, please help. I've lost my child!'

So they set off looking for her but then a horrible thing happened, the snake tried to eat them! But luckily they just managed to get away.

Soon they ran across a lion. Ben and Emma were terrified but the lion was very nice and kind. The lion kind of acted like their own parents.

Then Emma and Ben got a bit tired from all that adventuring and wanted to go back, so the lion took Emma and Ben home.

'We'll never forget you,' they shouted, and they never did.

by Lyla Rea (7)
Heathfield House School - London

Competition - My First Story 2017

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