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The Swamp Goblins

One sunny day, Emma and Ben were walking the dog. Suddenly, the dog started barking at a magic door hidden in a tree. They opened the door and it took them to Swamp World which was straight in the Starlight Galaxy.

They were trying to catch the swamp goblins! In fact, they stole £1,000 from the public, so the fearless explorers set off. They saw a magic portal across a wooden bridge and went through it. They were falling and falling and they were very scared. Boof! Woof!

Soon they were on Planet Death Lava! They were in Deeth, the capital. They landed on a lava raft. They glanced around quickly and spotted the swamp goblins and paddled to the swamp goblins with lava oars. They were paddling as fast as they could but the swamp goblins got away. 'There must be another way,' said Ben.

There were three ways to survive on Death Lava - 1: you could ride a raft. 2: You could dive in the lava and get a special suit so you could swim and 3: If your raft sunk it would hit a forcefield and you could walk on the lava.

Ben chose to dive in the lava and get a special suit. Emma chose to sink the raft and the raft would land on a forcefield, Emma could run on the lava. Max the dog jumped onto the forcefield too. Meanwhile, the swamp goblins were in their base. Their base was in the middle of a little, little island. The explorers weren't far away. In fact they were just outside. They went in. Finally, the explorers caught the swamp goblins and gave them to the police. From now on the children were famous.

by Freddie Elliott (6)
St Annes CE Primary School - Cheshire

Competition - My First Story 2017

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