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The Pale Sail

… a big, big pirate ship. They went onto the ship and found Captain Shipwreck with his parrot, Twinkle, Tom who drove the ship and Dave who cleaned everything. The Pale Sail sailed off to look for treasure. They found two lumps of sand. The pirates chose the wrong lump of sand and they found a crab. The crab went snap and the pirates went ouch. They found the second lump of sand and the crab went snap and the pirates went ouch! again. The crab had buried the treasure under a coconut tree.

Rockstar, the dog, dug the treasure up. Then Ben and Emma took the Pale Sail home, leaving the pirates on the island with the crab. The crab chased the pirates around the island, pinching the pirates' bottoms. Captain Shipwreck had red and white spotty pants.

***pagebreak***The Pale Sale got caught in a storm and lost one sail, but they made it home to Mummy and Daddy and accidentally crashed into the house.

by Phoebe Llewellyn (5)
Ipswich High School For Girls - Suffolk

Competition - My First Story 2017

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