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Angela's Magical Story

The children were at a magic princess castle where there were lots of pets and the pets had beautiful colours. So Ben and Emma loved the magic, princess castle.

After the princess castle they saw a beautiful fairy sitting on a small mushroom and she had beautiful wings when she was young but now they looked much more beautiful.

Then Ben and Emma saw a disgusting troll with smelly flies on his hair. The troll didn't like himself because he thought he was smelly.

So the troll offered to take the children to the gingerbread house and they could bath the troll. Inside there was... A witch! The witch did not let them give the troll a bath.

After the bad witch left the troll ran through the house to get in the bath and the children said, 'We've never bathed someone before!'

The troll had his birthday so he had a three-layered cake with lots of icing and the troll had nine thousand presents with nine thousand bows too.

***pagebreak***Ben and Emma sang 'Happy Birthday To You' but then the children felt really sick so they went home with their presents.

When they went home they talked about the sickness that they had. 'I think we all ate too much cake!' Emma said.

by Angela Nott (6)
The Russell School - London

Competition - My First Story 2017

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