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Through The Magic Door

… a magic world under the sea. And Ben was surprised that they could breathe underwater. There were spider crabs and the tooth angelfish and a sad fish. He was sad because it was always cold.

Emma and Ben saw a dark house and they wanted to see what was happening in there. Inside they saw a stripy octopus robot. Emma and Ben said to the robot octopus, 'Why is the sun cold?'

He said, 'Because in this world there is only a blue cold sun.'

The robot octopus asked them to go on an adventure to make the sun warm. It was a bit scary as they set off in a magic submarine with the stripy robot octopus. They set off to the palace of the magic Queen of Underwater. The queen came into the garden, Ben and Emma asked her for help to make the sun warm. The queen said her pet snake had the sun's fire. The queen used her magic to get the fire out of the snake.

Emma and Ben carried the fire up to the tallest tower in the queen's palace. They held the fire up to the cold blue, underwater sun. Suddenly it turned warm. The sad fish were very happy, so Ben and Emma went home.

by Mia Isobel Wraight (5)
Whitehall Park School - London

Competition - My First Story 2017

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