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Alina's Superhero Story

...Buckingham Palace. They saw the Royal Standard flag flying on the roof and felt excited as it meant the Queen was at home.

Suddenly, Emma and Ben saw a man running past them. He wore a mask and carried a sack over his shoulder. He looks like a thief, thought Emma and shouted as loud as she could, 'Quick, Ben! We must catch him!'

Remembering about their superpowers, Emma and Ben flew across the palace as quick as a flash of lightning, and caught the thief as he was just about to run out of the palace. The Queen was very pleased that Emma and Ben saved her jewels, which were in the thief's bag, and rewarded them (and the dog) with the 'Bravery Award' badge.

Having found the magic door in the tree, Emma and Ben made it back home just in time for their dinner.

by Alina Teoniv (6)
St Dominic's RC Primary School - East London

Competition - My First Story 2017

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