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The Jungle Adventure

On a pitch-black night, after they woke up, Emma and Ben were in their tree house. Suddenly, it was a jungle. They heard a hiss from the bushes, it was scary. Out came a snake. He said, 'I want to eat you.' They said nothing because they were scared.

Next, they met a friendly lion, they asked if they could have a ride on him.

'Yes of course!' He was very friendly and fluffy, cute and fast. It was so, so fun.

'Wow!' Emma and Ben said. The dog was scared because he could not understand. He was a dog but he was safe with Emma and Ben. He knew they would keep him safe because they loved him so, so much and would feed him when they got home. They were very, very scared but eventually they got home. They were so, so tired so they went straight to bed and fell fast asleep. They even slept in the morning because they needed much more sleep.

by Felicity Mae Torpey (6)
Abbots Hill School - Hertfordshire

Competition - My First Story 2017

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