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Lost For Years

This is the story of a brave boy

The one who fell down a dark hole

The one who would annoy

Any person who stole.


He fell down in such a way

He nearly got his ankle broken

He started to swish and sway

In the bloodcurdling cave which was smokin'.


There were eyes

Everywhere he looks

Including terrifying mice

In the crannies and hooks.


There were shapes of all sizes

Going from big to small

But outside there were prizes

For the boy who was tall!


Some animals lashed at him

He tried to fight in the blackness

And he was too afraid

To fight in the madness.


Water dried from the top

Terrifying him wherever he went

His instincts took over so he couldn't stop

Then out of nowhere came a scent!


He tried running away

But it followed him

He tried to say

Please forgive me, then it left...


Once that was taken care of

He started looking for light

Then he started to cough

In the long, black night.


Afterwards, he saw something

Was it light, you couldn't tell

He started running

And from this day onwards he was put into a cell.


He couldn't believe it

Next he blinked his eye

It was all just a bad dream!

by Ibrahim Kashif (10)
Gearies Primary School - Essex

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.