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The Girl You Once Knew

The girl you once knew,
Has now permanently gone.
The smile that once lit up her face,
Has been fading for so long.

The girl you once knew
Brought laughter, joy and hope.
Yet no one saw when life got hard
That she was unable to cope.

The girl you once knew
Says sorry for the pain.
The sleepless nights and endless days,
She wholeheartedly takes the blame.

The girl you once knew
Was never really there.
You saw her as you desired to,
As the pain you couldn't bear.

The girl you once knew
Wishes you all the best.
For the girl you once knew
Says a heavy-hearted farewell.

by Madihah Aslam (0)
Oulderhill Community School, Rochdale

Competition - War Of Words

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