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Defeating Voldemort Didn't Go All Too Well...

I was in a car in a deep, pungent black,

Moving slowly along, past creepy shacks.

I gripped the wand hidden in my pocket

lying impatiently there with Tom Riddle's locket,

which was only a spangled remain,

smouldering rectangles hanging from a chain.


After two hours we reached Ufton Court,

where we were told we would find Voldemort.

We searched and searched, searched and searched

for our guide, a real-life talking bird!


We finally found him in the darkening wood

'Be quick!' he said. 'Run as fast as you could!

You'll find Voldemort on a big, wrecked hill.

Stop him now or someone will be tortured and killed...'


And sure enough, up there on the hill

Stood Voldemort so menacingly still,

With the speeding of my heartbeat, I just knew

The only way to stop him was to duel.


So with a swipe of our wands, we began to fight

The whole courtyard was glowing with light


Avada Kedavra!



With the light fading from my eyes,

I knew the deadly Killing Curse must have struck.

Voldemort had won - it was just not my luck...


I sat bolt upright and looked at my mirror

Scanned it once and saw the noseless terror...

Avada Kedavra!

by Quan Nguyen (9)
Geoffrey Field Junior School - Berkshire

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.