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The Dream

Words from my book spin in my head,

My eyes drift shut as I lie in my bed.

Memories of the day flood back to my mind,

I'm going off on an adventure, who knows what I'll find!


Waves crashing against the shore,

Strong gusts hurl me towards the floor,

Seagulls calling, a loud echoing sound,

Most dramatic place I've ever found.


Sandstorms swirling everywhere

Salt in mouth, wind through my hair.

Foam starts frothing as sea meets sand,

A bubbling white whirlpool covers the land.


Out of the blue in the dazzling light,

A beautiful shell, such a fabulous sight!

Then from behind me, I hear a sound,

I see a dolphin splashing around!

I carry the shell and walk into the sea,

The dolphin holds out it's fin to me,

It takes the shell and with a wave of its fin,

Dives back into the water with a cheeky grin.


And with a jolt I'm back in my bed,

My crazy adventures still fresh in my head,

But what does it mean? I think with all my might,

Hopefully I'll find out tomorrow night!

by Millie Wilson (11)
George Heriot's School - Midlothian

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.