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Night-Time Bliss

It's amazing how when one is asleep,

Without worry or care,

Things that are fictional

Always seem to be there.


You see the brain is like a filing cabinet,

Sorting things away,

By century, by decade, by year,

By month, by week, by day.


Some dreams are delightful,

Whilst others make your blood run cold.

Some dreams are ecstatic,

When others make you feel 100 years old.


All these things inside one's head,

Those who are alive, mixing with those who are dead.

No boundaries, it's limitless,

It is total blissfulness!

Everyone is deliriously happy!

No one is blue!

Anyone can come here,

Yes reader, you too!


Here you can be what you want,

Do what you like!

Swim in a pool!

Ride on a bike!


Say hi to a friend,

Say bye to reality.

You can put yourself

In a positive mentality!


No more work!

No more school!

No more sadness,

Everything is super duper mega cool!


I never want to leave here,

I don't want to go.

Can this beautiful world be real?

Frankly and sadly, alas


by Clara Walsh (10)
Our Lady Of Lourdes Primary School - Northern Ireland

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.