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Hook's Hilarious Fight With Pan!

In the deep blue ocean

Hook was causing a commotion

'Captain Hook, you can never defeat me

I'm the best fighter there can ever be!' Peter said

'You shan't get rid of me

You shall stay, and be dead!'


Like a snail, Hook tried to swim

But Peter was way better than him

Hook was all over the place

Not how Peter normally finds it

With beauty and grace.


Splish, splash, sploosh

Sploosh, splish, splash


'Ha, you're never going to win.'

The sea laughed with him.

Horrible Hook began to sink to the bottom like a baby attempting to swim

Peter was surely going to beat him

Peter had won against Hook.


Then I shut the book...

by Holly Walter (10)
Bishop Lonsdale CE Academy - Staffordshire

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.