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Butterfly Boat

The butterfly boat; a distinctive sight,

A psychedelic battleship.

It's made of the finest wood,

It has sails of butterflies.

Coming from Hawaii; going to France,

The big bundle of colour sailing across

a sea of sapphire.

The Frenchmen came and tried to shoot,

Then the unbelievable happened.

The butterflies flew high up in the air,

The fluffy clouds grabbed the boat,

It flew in the air but the ghastly,

wild wind blew it back to hot Hawaii.

Whoo! Whoo! The people cheering,

Has Paris been bombed?

The story has been told.

'An embarrassment,' said the chief.

'A failure,' said a fellow citizen.

The volcano growled at them,

The children were as angry as a lion

not getting it's dinner.

Is this an elusion or is this a daze?

Is this a delusion or is this a haze?

by Nazaha Chowdhury (11)
Barley Lane Primary School - Essex

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.