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My Dream House

My dream house is made out of

Buttercorn candy for the chairs

And sweets for the chandeliers.

There would also be a fudge door

with a sherbet door handle.

The house is made of marshmallows

And candy canes.

For the bedrooms

You have a sweet or a food as your choice.

There is a maple syrup pool

And a golden syrup hot tub!

There would be a huge chocolate fountain

With a pile of gigantic raspberries

And other delicious fruits.

There in the middle of the garden

Stands a magnificent statue of the




But there at the bottom of the BFG

It reads: 'This is only a dream'.

by Edward Henry Clive Davey (9)
Stoneygate School - Leicestershire

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.