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Nudity Is Not Allowed

I walk to school,

In my dreams, with my head held high,

Not knowing that the fate in store

Will make me want to cry.


I start to break into a run,

I rush right through the gate,

I go upstairs to Maths class...

I've realised that I'm late.


I walk into the classroom,

All faces turn and stare,

At little old me in the corner,

My clothes are no longer there!


My face goes red with embarrassment,

The class start to snigger and chuckle,

My teacher goes purple, then pink and then blue,

She calms herself by cracking her knuckles.


I run outside to the playground

And hide behind a bush,

Because of this dreadful incident

My reputation is gone with a whoosh!


The whole school comes outside,

Their laughing and chattering is very loud,

But they all go quiet as the head teacher comes out,

She shouts, 'Nudity is not allowed!'

by Ava Kormind (10)
Channing Junior School - London

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.