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The Escape

In the depth of the night,

Outside of the walls,

There was a bright light

In a small crooked lamp.


In his stick-like arms,

On his flat, wide torso,

Couldn't do much harm,

With his small, tender fists.


Waving to us,

We ran to the guy,

He said, 'Don't make a fuss,

'n' I'll get you outta 'ere.


Climb over this fence.'

Jeff leant near me.

'This doesn't make sense,'

Is exactly what he said.

'Tis your old pal Dave,'

He said silently.

'Run like a wave,

'n' get in that hole.'


So off we went,

We did what he said.

A dark descent,

To a long corridor.


We sprinted through it,

A hole in the roof,

Just the right fit,

For us to climb out.


Away from this mess,

Hurried for our lives,

No more of that stress

Now we are free.

by William Jackson (10)
Cherry Dale Primary School - South Yorkshire

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.