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One Night

One night in my head an eerie dream springs,

It is all a most peculiar theme,

In my dream it is dark until a spooky bell rings,

So I say to myself this must be a dream.


But I do not wake - I sense something bad,

The darkness remains I start to feel cold,

From the pit of my stomach all I feel is sad,

The panic and fear is taking hold,

I can't help but think all is not as it seems,

So I say to myself this must be a dream.


A leathery hand brushes my shoulder,

It sends a shiver down my spine,

The air around me gets colder and colder,

A heavy breath that is not mine,

I let out a sudden, ear-splitting scream,

So I say to myself I hope this is a dream.


I wake in a panic, feeling dizzy,

Still feeling cold, my duvet on the floor,

As I start to calm down, I'm all of a tizzy,

When I see familiar faces at my bedroom door,

My parents must have heard my scream,

I am so very glad it was all merely a dream!

by Katey Grace Dixon (10)
Hamilton College - Scotland

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.