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As I clamber into the warmth of my bed

And sink into its snug confines,

My head comes to rest onto my comfy pillow

And suddenly everything goes black...


I am lost in a magical paradise

As I stare at the sky

The stars are as bright as the sun as they twinkle

Colours clash like swords in a fight for life or death.


I see a vast forest emitting a wonderful glow,

Intrigued, I move towards it and wander into the green ahead

I hear the gush of water in the distance

As I gaze upon a pool of gleaming water it plays a soft, sweet melody to me.

Nearby, an angry waterfall rages, sending the rapids in every direction

White froth forms near me in clumps like stepping stones

I try to step, but miss and fall into the refreshing cool,

It carries me along and through the majestic waterfall and into a large cavern.


Treasure lies in colossal piles in almost every available space

As I walk towards them, enchanted...

And then, an emerald dragon awakens from his deep slumber,

It rears up as it spots me and I close my eyes in dread.


I sit up sharply, safe in my bed,

Then I lie back down and rest my head,

Ring! Ring! My alarm clock sounds,

It's the morning now so off I bound.

by Bethany Erskine (10)
Currie Primary School - Scotland

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.