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The Enchanted Forest

'Aimie, Ellie

Come over here please!'

That's what I called

As I ran through the trees.


The forest was lush

The leafy carpet was green

Oh it was the most beautiful place

We ever had seen.


Sparkles of dust

Filled the air

Oh, I know I can trust

This place and care.


With a flurry of glitter

And a beat of wings

We began to notice

Some magical things


Like snowflakes dancing

In a cold winter storm

Tiny fairies danced 'round us

In a colourful swarm.

They pulled on our pigtails

And fluttered past our eyes

They led us through the forest

To a breathtaking surprise.


Bunnies and deer

And birds that did sing

Were all gathered together

At this fairy ring.


The sun casts shadows

In this enchanted wood

'Please stay!' begged the fairies

If only I could.


'School!' called Mum

It was 7am

Early bed for me tonight

To see fairies of the forest again.

by Jori Horn (11)
Hallside Primary School - Glasgow

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.