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Dinosaur Land

I'm in a library and I spot a dusty book
I take the book to have a look.
Suddenly, it opens wide
And I'm transported inside.
The book sucks my hand
And I'm transported to another land
Suddenly I find myself stuck in a tree
I let go of the tree and I am free!
When I land on my feet the tree is a dinosaur!
The dinosaur's tummy rumbles and thumps and trumps.
The dinosaur searches for food
This dinosaur is very rude.
I whoosh down his tail, I feel rather sick
Then suddenly I hear a clock start to tick,
It's time to go home, I'm feeling very jumpy
I jump on my bike, the journey home is very bumpy.

by Jack Matela Griffiths (8)
Manchester Hospital School & Home Teaching Service

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

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