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Only when the whales are all gone,
Harpooned straight through their backs,
Only when the lemurs have nowhere to hide,
For their homes all met the axe,
Only when the last elephant is shot,
For it s ivory precious as gold,
Only when the final orang-utan is a pet,
Waiting to be sold,
Only when the pandas have nothing to eat,
All starving to their deaths,
Only when all the insects have been swatted,
Shooed right from their nests,
Only when the rhino is taken,
Turned into a 'magical cure',
Only when the final tiger is snagged,
By a trap's evil lure,
Only when every shark has been disfigured,
Then left to suffer and drown,
Only when all the soaring birds
Are one by one shot down,
Only when the mighty lion has fallen,
Whist people point and stare,
Only when our beautiful rainforests are left
Singed, lifeless and bare.
Then and only then, dear Hunter,
Will you eventually find,
That no amount of money could ever turn back time.

by Jennifer Black (0)

Competition - Pet Poetry YW

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