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The Stargazer

1672. Salty sea lashed against the barnacle-encrusted Stargazer. Colossal waves shattered portholes, creating gaping holes in the magnificent vessel. The wreck thrashed rapidly amid the merciless sea. Lightning flashed ferociously in the restless sky. Deafening thunder rumbled, ominously close.

1961. Rays of searing sun beat down as I sprint along the tranquil sea's edge. Suddenly, I stub my toe. Something's glinting. I kneel to discover a bottle. Inside, a model ship with Stargazer inscribed on it. I peer closer and see a tiny cabin boy clutching a barely distinguishable note. I begin reading. My mouth gapes wide in horror….

by Clara Cowan (Winner) (12)
Lochfield Primary School - Scotland

Competition - Ancient Adventures

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