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Alfie's Pirate Story

One bright, sunny day they went through the magic door and they found a red boat. They paddled down a small, smelly lake. What would they find?

The smell of the lake was like rotten fish and like smelly socks. Just as they thought they couldn't carry on, Emma spotted an island with a big, treasure chest. But were they alone?

Ben started to open the chest, and then suddenly a loud, 'Stop, that's my treasure!' It was the famous pirate Pete, that Emma and Ben had read about the night before.

Pirate Pete caught Ben and Emma. 'I'm gong to make you walk the plank and I'll keep your dog as my pet.' With two big splashes, Emma and Ben fell into the ocean, how would they get out?

Emma and Ben were in danger. Their dog bit pirate Pete on the bum and jumped in after them. Just in time two dolphins swam up to save them. The dolphins took them back to the magic door.

The children turned around to thank the dolphins, but they were gone. They went through the magic door and woke up in their beds. Emma and Ben said, 'It was only a dream,' but as they looked down at their dog, he stood there with a gold coin in his mouth.

'It hadn't been a dream,' said Ben.

'Let's go back to the magic door to go on another cool adventure,' said Emma.

by Alfie Griffiths (7)
Moorside Primary School - Manchester

Competition - My First Story 2017

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