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The Silver Leopard

Cinnamon rosettes embedded in silver,
Her movements as fluid as rippling water.
Blue eyes as promising as the celestial skies,
The shadows of sorrow dance in their light.
She leapt from ledge to ledge, 
Fear chased her with a slavering ambition of hounds.
She paused and stared into the depths of the night,
The lights of the dead souls gleamed above. 
The sickle moon was stained with the blue of sorrow,
Her liquid-diamond tears showered the sky
like burning, hot, white sparks.
Solitary and lonely her figure was etched against the slopes.
Mauve tones deepened and carved the landscape. 
Each mountain in sight took form of her sorrows,
In the crooked features of a peak,
A litter of cubs were born, but Death had stilled their hearts.
With the harsh gradient against her she toiled on.
The peaky, white-faced moonshine flitted across the peaks.
Darkness wrapped around her like ribbon around a reel.
With the patience of a watchdog, she had conquered the peak!
The moon's expression transformed into a beaming smile,
The stars burned brighter with the glory of victory.
The queen looked upon her kingdom.
The mountains rose like chessmen on a board of black and white.
Her melancholy madness had slipped away like the night.
A serene blissfulness was cast upon her,
In the ripples of pearly moonshine she stood,
The silver leopard of the night!

by Shoumita Bardhan (0)

Competition - Pet Poetry YW

Copyright remains with the author.