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Amber's Superhero Story

Superhero Land and then there was a big bang and they became superheroes. They were so happy, they couldn't help trying it out. They were so high up, the clouds had to look up to see them. 

They were so happy and they wanted to catch a criminal. Then they heard a noisy alarm and they knew it had to be a robber on the loose. It was so muddy you could hear their feet squelching. The moon shone on the footprints of the robber.

Ben, Emma and Bobby finally caught the robber up the street. The robber was upset because he thought he would get away with it. Bobby was so upset he was showing his teeth.

Emma was a superhero so she had powers and so did Ben. It was strength, so they put him in jail. The robber was in a dark place and he thought he could get out, but he couldn't.

The mayor asked Emma, Ben and Bobby to come to the Hill of Reward. The mayor said he would like to reward them and he gave them all gold medals for saving Superhero Land.

Oh no! Ben, Emma and Bobby's mum was shouting for them. They said, 'If something happens, you know who to call!'

by Amber McLean (8)
Alexander Peden Primary School & Nursery - Scotland

Competition - My First Story 2017

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