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Alicja's Magical Story

... a magical wood where you can have amazing adventures, but this time Emma and Ben found a palace and went inside, roaming around until they found themselves in a special garden where fairies lived. When they had nearly explored the whole garden, they found a mushroom and on that spotty, red and white mushroom they found an alive fairy called Nicole. Ben and Emma were just about to say hello when a stinky and smelly (because he had never taken a shower) goblin appeared. Emma, Ben and Nicole asked him to go away but he didn't. So he invited them to his sweet house for a fantastic feast party. When they were having a fantastic feast party, they opened some presents and had some pizza, some cake, some fizzy lemonade and some sandwiches. They also had some fun playing musical statues.

After a little bit more cake they knew that their adventure was over, so they said goodbye to their friends and went through the beautiful palace, back to the secret door where their adventure had started.

by Alicja Rajska (7)
Evelyn Street Community Primary School - Cheshire

Competition - My First Story 2017

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