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Chanel's Pirate Story

On a sunny day, Ben and Emma found themselves in an old, wooden boat. It was broken but Emma and Ben were having a great time and the sun was shining.

Suddenly, Ben spotted an island out of the corner of his eye. They decided to row to it.

When they got on the island, they found a big treasure chest. It was full to the brim with golden treasure, twinkling diamonds and shining rubies. Emma and Ben were not sure about the treasure. But they were sure about the ship coming towards them.

'Arr, you trying to steal me treasure? Well, if you do, you have to get through me!'

Emma said, 'It isn't what it looks like.'

The pirate said, 'Arr! I know what it looks like! It looks like you stealing me treasure!'

'No, I'm sure it isn't.'

'Shhh, you little kids.'

The pirate made Ben and Emma walk the plank into the water. 'Nooo!' shouted Ben and Emma.

They had no choice but to walk the plank and the pirate captain kept on poking them in the back with his sword. They were so sad. They thought they were going to drown.

Suddenly, there was something soft and slippery! 'Oh! That's amazing!' said Ben.

'What are you talking about?' asked Emma.

'Oh, you will soon see!' But Emma didn't know what Ben was talking about.

'It's a dolphin!' shouted Ben.

'Oh, we're saved!' said Emma. The dolphin offered them a ride. 'Oh yes please!'

At the end, Emma and Ben were so happy. Ben said, 'Oh, we would have died if it wasn't for the shining, little dolphins.' But what could be behind the next door?

by Chanel Chisango (7)
Kates Hill Community Primary School - West Midlands

Competition - My First Story 2017

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