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Jack's Magical Story

Once upon a time, there lived a boy, a girl and a dog. One day, they saw a magical castle and they wondered who lived in there. They knocked on the door and a nice fairy appeared sitting on a mushroom.

She asked them to make three wishes each. The boy asked for a fierce T-rex, a magnificent megasaurus and a super turbo racing car. The girl asked for a pink pony, a red ruby ring and a mansion full of magical magicians. The dog wished for a brown bone, a cat to chase and a squeaky toy.

Suddenly, a terrible troll appeared who was smelly and stinky with mosquitoes in his hair. He said, 'Hello! Do you want to come to my house?'

In a scared voice they said, 'Yes.' His house was made of all the sweets you could imagine. When the smoke came out of the chimney, it smelt like yummy chocolate. The troll said, 'Do you want a party?'

They said, 'Yes please!'

There was a chocolate table with a magnificent magical cake and all the food you could want on it. They opened all the presents up and got all the wishes they wanted from the fairy. The boy and girl walked home tired but happy. They had all their presents in their bags.

by Jack Shaun Witham (7)
White Court Primary School - Essex

Competition - My First Story 2017

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