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The Mysterious Jungle

Once upon a time there lived a little boy called Jeff, a little girl called Rosy and Cliff the dog. One bright, sunny day they wanted to play hide-and-seek when suddenly, Cliff was lost. They searched everywhere but they couldn't find Cliff. Rosy and Jeff came upon a magic door.

When they opened the door they saw a beautiful, leafy jungle. 'Cliff must be here,' said Jeff worriedly.

Rosy and Jeff yelled in a loud voice, 'Cliff, Cliff, where are you?'

In a flash Cliff was by their side. Rosy, Jeff and Cliff saw some long, green vines, so they decided to play monkeys on the vines. But suddenly, Billy the snake shouted, 'You woke me up, sss, go away, sss, before I hypnotise you.'

They ran, ran, ran and ran until Billy was lost, but they got lost too. Rosy and Jeff started to cry loudly. A furry, friendly lion came and said in a gentle voice, 'Why are you sad? You should not be here.'

The children began to tell their story. The friendly lion knew where the magic door was, he told them to jump on his back.

On their way they saw a yellow, spotty cheetah running fast. Then they saw a grey elephant with floppy ears. The last thing Rosy and Jeff saw was a peacock with colourful wings.

At last they found the magic door. 'Thank you,' they said.

Woof! barked Cliff.

They opened the door and they landed back. 'That was a busy day,' replied Rosy.

'It was agreed,' Jeff said.

by Sabrina Naffee (7)
Yeading Infant & Nursery School - Middlesex

Competition - My First Story 2017

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