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Letitia's Magical Story

...a beautiful castle. Ben opened the door and right before them was a scary man. The scary man asked in a loud voice, 'Can I help you?'

Emma replied, 'Sorry, we got the wrong door.' Then Ben pulled Emma away.

Suddenly, Ben and Emma saw a confident fairy. She was sitting on a toadstool because she was flying and then she fell into the pond. Ben pulled her out.

They saw the scary man strolling along. He said, 'We meet again. This is not a coincidence, maybe you can be my new friend?' But Emma and Ben were not friendly to the scary man. He invited them round for dinner. Ben was very wary but Emma said yes. As they reached the castle, Ben and Emma entered and were very excited to see his jewels and big furniture.

Then the scary man set the table and they all sat down and ate soup. The man was having a conversation about the fairy who fell in the pond. Then Emma and Ben told him about the fairy who fell in the pond and they all laughed.

After they had finished eating, the scary man invited them to his friend's party. He introduced them to his friends called Sam, Alex and Charlie. Ben and Emma were happy to meet them and couldn't believe he had normal friends.

They all celebrated, sang happy birthday and danced. They all lived happily ever after.

by Letitia Kagizmanli-Adeolu (7)
Holy Trinity CE Primary School - London

Competition - My First Story 2017

Copyright remains with the author.