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Myleene's Magical Story

... a big, pretty, magical castle. Emma and Ben went inside the sparkly castle. They saw a little door in the wall. Emma and Ben saw a slice of cake and they ate some. They found a tickle in their tummy. Emma and Ben began to shrink.

They opened the little door. Emma and Ben saw a little fairy sitting on a mushroom.

Emma and Ben were talking to the fairy when a troll suddenly appeared right next to them. They were scared but the troll was very polite and nice. The troll said, 'Would you like to come to my birthday party?'

Emma and Ben said, 'Yes please!' They all followed the troll to his house.

Emma and Ben had a great time at the troll's birthday party. They played games, danced, sang and ate party food.

At the end of the party they ate a magical piece of cake. Emma and Ben returned to their normal size. They said, 'Thank you for the great party.'

by Myleene Shace Kershaw
Worksop College Preparatory School Ranby House - Nottinghamshire

Competition - My First Story 2017

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