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Beautiful Majestic Elephant

Beautiful, majestic elephant,

I'm flying to Africa to see you.

Someone told me you're feeling blue,

So I am coming to see you!


Beautiful, colourful Africa,

Gold, green, orange and blue.

Lions, zebras and hippos,

Everything you can see at the zoo!

But where is the elephant, I can't see you?


Beautiful, green, green parrot,

Can you tell me where he is?

'I surely can, come with me young Miss.'


Beautiful, tall giraffe,

'Where are you two going?' he asks.


'We're going to see the elephant,' I laugh.

'The elephant?' he asks,

'I haven't seen him!' he gasps.


Beautiful, beautiful Africa,

What have you done to the elephant?

We search and we search and we search,

Until finally we come to a church.


Beautiful, majestic elephant,

'There he is!' I shout,

Hiding behind the door.

'What are you doing?' I asked,

'Hiding from the hunters!' he roared.


Beautiful, beautiful Kayleigh,

They are taking our tusks you see,

But we so very much need them,

Without them I cannot see how we can be!


Beautiful, majestic elephant,

Don't worry, I'll tell the world,

Then we can all help you,

And you'll no longer feel blue.

Beautiful, majestic elephant.

by Kayleigh Danaher (7)
St Thomas More RC Primary School - Kent

Competition - Poetry Safari

Copyright remains with the author.