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Layla's Space Story

They were excited because they were floating in space. They could see all the planets and they were wearing space helmets. They felt funny on their heads.

Emma and Ben were picking yellow sparkling stars from the sky.

There was a little green alien, he was small and round. His name was Bexee. Bexee got his ship and beamed Ben, Emma and their dog up into the ship.

They made friends. They all played I spy, even the dog. Also they played hide-and-seek.

A baddy alien from Chatabox Land tried to catch their ship. He was big with twenty orange, slimy, greasy, long legs.

But luckily they escaped and Bextee took Ben and Emma home. He was sad. But he knew they would come back soon.

by Layla Shaw (6)
Hilton Primary School

Competition - My First Story 2017

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