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Taizya's Superhero Story

...Oxley Park in the future and it's Christmas Eve. They are wearing awesome superhero costumes and they have really cool superpowers. Ben has super-strength and flight; Emma has mind-reading and flight; their dog, Spike, has super-speed and flight.

An evil villain called Zack is causing trouble in Oxley Park. He is stealing numbers from house doors. Zack is so evil that he even has a radio that plays evil songs. However, the radio sometimes plays the ABC song and this makes Zack very angry. He thinks he's too old for the ABC song.

Everyone in Oxley Park is in a panic because their door numbers are missing. They are worried that without their door numbers, Santa won't know where to deliver their Christmas presents. The presents will be all mixed up and everyone will end up with the wrong ones on Christmas Day.

Emma uses her mind reading to find out what Zack is up to and tells Ben and Spike about it straight away. The three of them use their flight to find Zack.

Then, Ben uses his super-strength to get back the door numbers and to lock Zack up in jail. Zack is not happy.

Spike uses his super-speed and flight to put all the numbers back on the right doors. Everyone in Oxley Park is very happy because now Santa can deliver each present to the right house.

The mayor of Oxley Park awards Ben, Emma and Spike special medals for being such helpful superheroes. They feel very happy and proud.

The three superheroes fly back to the magic tree and back through the magic door. Their superhero costumes disappear and they no longer have superpowers. Luckily, they still have their medals to remind them of the time they saved Christmas in Oxley Park. As they walk back home, they agree to never tell anyone else about their exciting adventure. It will be their special secret.

by Taizya Sichone (6)
Oxley Park Academy - Buckinghamshire

Competition - My First Story 2017

Copyright remains with the author.