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Henry's Pirate Story

… by the water's edge, where a lonely boat was waiting. Emma and Ben looked at each other, excitedly and climbed aboard to join the dog who was waiting for the adventure to begin.

Ben rowed to a nearby island and spotted a treasure chest overflowing with doubloons. His joy soon turned to worry when he saw a pirate ship cruising towards them.

Emma and Ben jumped as they heard, 'Arr! Stop, you there.'

It was Redbeard who was holding his cutlass in the air.

'I've caught you red-handed trying to steal my treasure.'

Redbeard carried the treasure chest back to the ship.

'It's feeding time for the fish, who's first to walk the plank?' growled Redbeard.

To the delight of Ben and Emma and the frustration of Redbeard, two friendly dolphins saved Ben and Emma from the deep water of the sea.

Ben and Emma were having the time of their lives riding the waves on the dolphins' backs.

The sound of their dog barking made Ben and Emma realise it was time to go back to their real world, through the magic door… but not before putting on their souvenirs.

by Henry Follis (6)
Tempo Primary School - Northern Ireland

Competition - My First Story 2017

Copyright remains with the author.