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James' Pirate Story

They opened the magic door and it took them to... a small brown boat. Ben said, 'Let's go to that island.'

They went to the island, it had a treasure chest. They played with real gems. In the distance Ben realised a big, angry pirate was coming towards the island.

Next the big pirate ship arrived at the island. Suddenly, a pirate came on the island, he had a hook and a wooden leg. They were too scared of him. They tried to hide but there was no place to hide. The pirate chased them because he wanted gold.

The big pirate captured Emma and Ben and made them walk the plank, which was brown and wooden.

Some kind dolphins caught Emma and Ben and took them back to the island.

Finally they climbed the big trees and they found the magic tree. They went through the magic door and went home for tea.

by James Skillicorn (7)
High Ercall Primary School - Shropshire

Competition - My First Story 2017

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